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PT Estetika Selaras (“the Company”), currently located at Jl. Buncit Raya No. 18A,Jakarta12740, was founded in 1996 by Mrs. Trialiati, together with her husband, her father and her father in-law. The Company was originally established as a service company engaging in the business of architectural consultation and contractor. Mrs. Trialiati and her husband acted as co-founders, each held 40% share ownership in the Company, while the remaining 20% share ownership were allocated to her father and her father in-law. 

In 2004, the Company entered into a new business line (building maintenance) with the arrival of a new business partner from outside the family circle. The new business partner was structured to receive 20% shares ownership without any additional shareholder’s fund or equity in exchange to the intangible values the new partner brought in. Although this new partnership created fresh business opportunity, the Company’s financial condition was not doing well due to fraudulent activities conducted by the new business partner. 

Due to the condition above, in 2006 Mrs. Trialiati and her husband, as original co-founders, decided to return the Company into its original formation as fully owned and operated by family. Within the same year, the Company also started to involve in a new business line, human capital outsourcing service with specialization in oil and gas sector, which has been producing massive boost to the Company’s performance ever since. The decision to engage in human capital outsourcing services was initiated by Mrs. Trialiati.

From 2006 up to today, the Company was successfully transformed from a very small company into a well-established company with solid financial performance. When Mrs. Trialiati and her husband established the Company back in 1996, the Company’s operation only consisted of a small rented office space with one full-time employee (from a family member), a computer station and a printer, and the Company was only engaged as architectural consultant and contractor. At the present time, the Company occupies its own six-story office building with approximately 30 permanent employees (not including 470 plus outsourced employees managed by the Company) with two well-established business lines in building maintenance and human capital outsourcing services. Currently, the architectural consultant and contractor business line is dormant. 

Currently, the Company is enjoying solid financial performance as evidenced through the significant increase in its revenues and net income during last four years, mostly since the Company started to engage in the human capital outsourcing business line. The significant increases in revenues and net income were mostly attributable to big-scale outsourced project in oil and gas sector from reputable companies, such as British Petroleum (Berau), Santos (Sampang), Exxon Mobil, Total EP, Kangean Energy, HESS, Star Energy, Baker Hughes, Pearl Oil, etc. The company has involved much in this oil & gas sector shown through its multiple location handled (Sorong, Cepu, Balikpapan, Surabaya, Jambi, Pengalengan and Bali) and wide range of manpower provided to this sector (from non-skilled manpower like cleaning service into high skilled manpower like Rig moving specialist.

The revenue multiplies reflects on the good attributes of the Company’s services, which distinguish itself from its competitors, the Company’s strong human resources knowledge, as shown through the Company’s ability to provide high-skilled manpower and state the art of Information Technology system, the Company’s in-depth understanding about oil and gas industry, and the Company’s well-established knowledge in the labor sector including taxation and legal aspect. The Company normally obtains projects through bidding selection and puts a very limited effort in conducting any kind of direct promotion due to its niche market in manpower outsourcing in oil and gas sector.

Mrs. Trialiati and her husband have strategic plan to continue the Company’s growth and solid financial performance. Among others, such strategy includes the plan to spin-off each of the Company’s current business lines (architectural consultant and contractor, building maintenance and human capital outsourcing services) into separate legal entities controlled under a holding company and re-activate the dormant business line (architectural consultant and contractor) under new concept as an integrated engineering services company involved in engineering, procurement and construction. This plan has been implemented since 2011.

To ensure the continuity of the Company, Mrs. Trialiati and her husband keep themselves abreast of the importance of the human resources management aspect.  They have plans to establish talent management system to improve the core competency of their employees. The Company prefers to employ potential employee/professional and to develop them from within through talent management program and to provide them with proper rewarding development program which in turn will enable them to adopt the Company’s vision and culture. The talent will be developed to be the business leaders for the sister companies.

Mr. Trialiati is also maintaining the company’s good governance to ensure the fairness and the healthy growth of the people and its system. PT Estetika Selaras has proven shared values to enable a conducive working environment and leverage the employee engagement. The values are : Passion, Responsive, Open minded, Compliance, Customer Oriented, Entrepreneurship, Proactive, Accuracy and Trustworthy (PRO-C2EPAT)

Now, she also running a small new company called PT Langkah Mitra Selaras which is specialized in delivering Human Capital Management Services. The services are including Human Capital outsourcing, executive search, Human Capital consultancy, training & development and the assessment center.  With support of its sister company, PT Estetika Selaras, which has experience more than 15 years, LANGKAH MITRA CONSULTING will continuously providing the leading edge services with a comprehensive analysis to deliver solution according with client’s requirements and needs.

PT Langkah Mitra Selaras has a vision to Actively taking apart in improving quality of life and competencies of Indonesian society by developing the Indonesian human capital  which is qualified, independent and having environmental concerns.

PT Langkah Mitra Selaras have strong desire to achieve its vision and become an organization that can bring advantages to Indonesian societies.  We focus more on Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) program for Small Medium Enterprise (SME) inIndonesiawith objectives as below:

  • To deliver the positive contribution to society empowerment for a better economical status
  • To shifting the paradigm of Indonesian SME’s that the proper Human Capital management system is a must to leverage their business
  • To reach as much as possible the number of young business owners to participate in our Corporate Social Responsibility
  • To grow some of them (selective smaller number) of participant to be the Giant business leader ofIndonesia
  • To provide structured mentoring program from experienced entrepreneurs to next generation of Indonesia Entrepreneurs
  • To reach SME owners who can’t afford a qualified business consultants to transform their business to become a large scale enterprise
  • To establish a structured lesson plan to develop the skill and knowledge regarding the business system & process specially in Human Capital Management
  • To capitalize our long experience in business and our success in leveraging a small business into a large scale enterprise as the role model of entrepreneurship & Leadership
  • To reach the less-advantaged SME owners to leverage their business especially in their Human Capital Management system.

PT Langkah Mitra Selaras introduce some free products/services for small medium Enterprise (UKM) inIndonesiaand some of it has been provided with a very low margin (discounted price). Below are our social responsibility activities:

  1. Online tutorial in social media (Twitter)
  2. Actively share a valuable Human Capital Management articles through website/blog
  3. Arranging Free Group mentoring once a month
  4. Providing a free consultancy service via email or any other devices;